Somaliland Parliament has degraded the value of the nation.
The Somaliland parliament and its local councillors have been elected and remained in office since 2005. Each parliament and its councillors have the right to stay in office for 5 years, considered as one full term. After 5 years, they must hold a democratic election to give the people of Somaliland the option to vote for another representative and upcoming local councillors.
However, the current Somaliland government has held the office for two terms, illegally, and they have prevented the citizens to vote to have new representatives who can speak on their behalf in the local governments and parliament.
They abuse the parliamentary system as they obstruct all the intellectuals and those people who are capable of making laws who can act on behalf of the people from positions of influence. These are the front runners of the country who are needed to scrutinise the movement of the current government and provide a self-audit to prevent corruption and financial misuse. They are needed to check the work of the government, in terms of spending and taxation.
If these much-needed intellectual members were included then it would lead to a correct and upright parliament but this is being hindered by the current so-called Somaliland parliament who were initially illiterate nomads and extremely poor. Not a single member as I believe have even a secondary school certificate or even a basic reasonable Western education. I would point out that this not aimed to be an insult, however if we are going to look at the facts, the Somaliland government is modelled upon the Western system of government, therefore we need our leaders to have some kind of education or they will simply become out of depth to adapt to the current climate.
The current parliament have failed to pass any significant constitutional laws in relation to the elections, and have proved time and again that they are not able to challenge each other during the parliamentary debates, proving that they are inadequate to take this country forward. From the beginning, they only managed to get into office through the nominations given by the “Koofiyad-Bacle”, in English translated as “Tribal leaders with the Plastic Hats”, who have lived a life of tribal tactics to survive. However, this method of thinking is not suitable to further the national interests of Somaliland.
The process has been for the past ten years, that whenever the electoral commission or government members forwarded a bill of democratic electoral rules for the parliament to comply. All have been continuously rejected and rendered void actively becoming a complete barrier for it to be applied. The latest block occurred last week. The typical low-level tactics that is used is that whenever the bill has been forwarded, the members begin to raise their voices to prevent the bill from being calmly heard. Leading to the whole room to be in a state of clamour. Some of the senior figures with white beards were shouting out to non-Isaac representatives to exit the chamber by saying we are underrepresented and calling the laws for equal shares to be amended. However, this is a huge deflection as the real the reasons are clear; a prevention of an election would allow these ex-nomads to stay in office for longer, to receive their good personal salaries which their forefathers did not have.
The members of parliament who have segregated people into Isaacs and Non-Isaacs, must be aware that the Somaliland people are one big family who are connected to each other by the relationship which comes by marriages, geography and experiences and do not discriminate based on sub-clans. Therefore, it is a huge shame for such words to come out of the senior members of the parliament. I would state that those members must not actually be aware of the responsibility of the nation upon their shoulders. Bringing personal hostilities, however they must know that they will never be able to insert hatred and hostility between the Somaliland people who have formed a strong bond through many adversities in their history. You cannot break loose the strong chain that connected the Somaliland People to one another. Somaliland have got very strong institutions and a military who can uphold the just values, and the current parliament must be aware that they are dispensable.
The people who are rightly supposed to be in office, will need to oust these so-called parliament representatives. We need to hold a snap election to elect suitable members who can hold fruitful discussions within the parliament. We call the government to uphold the democracy in the country and to disband the current rotten usurpers of the parliament.
In summary, we need people in the chamber of parliament to have high intellectual backgrounds with a suitable education. They must have the ability and effort to strive to hold the weight of the nation upon their shoulders. We require people who do not aim to solely satisfy their own personal interest but the interests of the Somaliland people and the welfare of the entire nation. Now we do not need any postponement or further delay of an election. We need to remove the current parliament through a public riot attack if they refuse again or prevent a bill urgently.